Admission arrangements for school intake

Northamptonshire County Council's School Admissions Team are co-ordinating a formal consultation on the admissions arrangements for mainstream schools within the county for the September 2022 intakes for primary, junior and secondary.

This consultation period will allow parents, schools, religious authorities and the local community to comment on proposed admission arrangements.

The consultation period will run between 9th November 2020 and 20th December 2020.

The determination of school admission arrangements by admission authorities must be completed by 28th February 2021.

The publication of admission policies as soon as possible after 28th February 2021 and must be completed by 15th March 2021.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the Admission Arrangements for Northamptonshire Schools for 2022 Intake, please contact the School Admissions Team at:


All above details and other past and present consultation and engagement activities are available on Northamptonshire County Council's Consultation Hub.