Bogus phone calls – beware!

Would you know how to tell if a caller was bogus?

A village resident has contacted us with information regarding some recent calls he has received allegedly from the Inland Revenue. The callers asked him to call them back because he was 'in trouble' but he did not.

Other popular bogus callers ask for you to log on to your computer and connect to them as you have a Windows or internet problem. Do not ever do it!

If you are ever unsure if a caller is genuine take their name and company name. Legitimate callers will be more than happy to give you this information. Then you can find the official telephone number and call them back, do not call back on a number they give you as if it is a bogus caller then the number will be too!

To prevent the more vulnerable from being targeted tell them NEVER to give personal information or bank details over the phone. If they are worried they should ask the caller to speak to a family member.