Collection in memory of Peter Kerfoot

The funeral of the late Mr Peter Kerfoot took place on Thursday 9th January 2020 in St Mary’s Church, Weldon. The turn out was nothing less than to be expected.

With the church full to the doors people stood outside, lining the paths. They couldn't hear the service even with a small speaker in the doorway so approximately 100 people stood in silence. It didn't matter, they were there to remember Peter.

There was a collection taken after the service which was to be donated to the church and we have received this message from the family.

 I apologise for the delay regarding this but I had to clarify something first. I am pleased to tell you all that Pete’s collection for St Mary’s Church, Weldon totalled £952.26. This is an amazing amount and I’m sure Pete would have been so pleased. When I know what the Church want to use the money for I will let everybody know. Thank you to everybody that donated.

Peter will never be forgotten and his name will live on. God bless you Pete.