Do you want to find out about your family history?

Jackie Marriott has been involved with researching family histories for many years now. What started as a family interest, tracing her own family back to c1480, turned into a passion and a hobby producing family trees for friends. From there this led to a professional career researching for a company specialising in genealogy.

Jackie is a member of the Society of Genealogists and of the Association of Professional Genealogists which has a strict code of conduct and standards to which its members must adhere.

Meticulous in detail, Jackie accepts nothing which is doubtful or not proven but always searching for more evidence. Never forgetting that this is your family, your history, personal and special to you, and it matters greatly.

But most of all Jackie loves the work she does. The detective work, the personal stories, the satisfaction of finally teasing out that one strand of information which helps uncover the story of a family, and brings its history to life.

Each Family History is written and presented in a bound book, accompanied by a Family Tree Chart of Ancestors and a Chart of Descendants from the oldest person. A digital copy is also supplied.

I try to make the people and the families come alive, rather than "he was born, he married, he died". Even a seemingly ordinary family will have highlights or, indeed, tragedies.

One commission completed started simply from someone mentioning that an aunt had won a medal in the war but would never talk about it. That resulted in research not only answered that question but which also found an entire branch of the family they had not known about. It also answered the question of what was a "War Penny" bearing an unknown name doing amongst their Grandmother's belongings.

Another traced their family back to 1600 and revealed that one whole branch of the family had been Quakers. Strangely, some of the present day family had Quaker leanings without knowing their history beforehand.

With her own family, Jackie set out to research her Grandmother's brother who had died in 1901 but she could find neither death or census record for him. Looking through the old photographs her Grandmother had left to her, she found a picture of a young soldier. Research showed he was in the uniform of a Rifleman at the turn of the 20th century. Further research found he had served in the Boer War including at Ladysmith and had returned to his Barracks in Ireland where he had died at the age of 23, probably as a result of his African service. Jackie found Newspaper reports which included, amongst other things, copies of letters he had written home.

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