Door to door scam warning!

We are issuing this warning after being contacted by a lady from the village who has given us information on a group of men that have been targeting the vulnerable and elderly members of the area.

A grey van with the name 'Jo Roofing' and three men, two of whom appear to be twins have been visiting homes and telling residents their roof tiles have slipped or are completely missing. They then tell them they will repair the roof and continue to do so.

Fortunately one of the victims contacted their daughter who arrived within a few minutes but then the 'roofers' asked for £700! This was then reduced to £70 but they were sent packing and given nothing. Sadly other locals that were targeted have already parted with cash.

If you have elderly family or neighbours please warn them not to pay anyone for anything that they haven't booked themselves. Tell them to call the police and do not allow anyone into their homes. IF the caller is genuine they will understand!

The police have been contacted about these incidents.

Stay safe everyone and look out for one another.