Have your say on the planned incinerator!

A public meeting has been called to discuss the next steps in the challenge to block plans to build a waste plant at Shelton Road near Priors Hall and Weldon.

Northamptonshire County Council’s Development Control Committee gave the go-ahead despite objections and county councillors recognising there are still questions that needed to be answered.

The site is 750 metres, less than two circuits of an athletics track, from schools and homes at Priors Hall, but remains on a county council list of suitable locations for waste plans.

It will now be down to other public bodies to assess if the applicants have met all the conditions before the plant is built and starts operations.  These conditions include assessing any risks to health and the impact the plant will have on the lives of people living and working in the area.

At the meeting, before the decision was given the goahead, the Committee Chair Dr Andrew Mercer said while the decisions had to be taken on solely planning grounds, he ‘didn’t like the application’ and it should be ‘nowhere near residential areas’.

The committee was told that Priors Hall residents are selling up and leaving what is meant to be one of the flagship developments for north Northamptonshire.

Neighbouring authority East Northants District Council strongly objected to the visual impact the two 75-metre high chimney stacks will have on the area including heritage sites like Kirby Hall and Deene Park.

These fears were seen as ‘minimal’ by committee members who also rejected concerns about the impact the HGV lorries delivering and taking away waste will have on residents. At the committee meeting it was confirmed that hazardous waste, produced in the recycling process, will have to be transferred in ‘secure’ lorries using the ‘A’ road network to specialist plants at undisclosed locations.

The next steps will be looking at ways to challenge the decision and ways that individuals and organisations can make their voice heard.