Knock & Run – Not Fun!


Every child plays this game at some point in their life. It is relatively harmless and done once or twice doesn't really cause any harm or distress to the person living in the targeted home it is just a nuisance.

We have been contacted by a distressed resident of the village who had been experiencing the 'knock door run' game being played on her for a period of about two weeks and until now that was all it was. However on Monday March 11th at approximately 7pm she found that the 'game' was now to open her front door. This happened on two occasions on the same evening and caused her great upset.

The children in question are around 13 years old and are believed to have friends in the Rose Court area where this is taking place. The police have been informed and will be visiting the area.

Do you have children of this age? As innocent as they may think this 'game' is it needs to be stopped. There are many elderly and vulnerable people living in the area and something like this could do more than upset them. But the safety of children is also very important. If one of these children wanders into a strangers home they just don't know who or what they will be greeted by.