Look for a book

Have you been playing 'Look for a book' in Weldon?

Your book has been found and rehidden!

On Tuesday a lady in Weldon found a book near the Congregational Church. As she was with her dog, she has rehidden the book for someone else to find.

Can we keep this going and get some more books around the village for children to find and re-hide once finished with?

'Look for a book Corby' is a Facebook Group in which people post on there that they have found a book, where they have found it and that they have re-hidden the book.

Do you have any unwanted or outgrown children's books lying around your home?

If you have unwanted children's books in your home, ready for other children to read and share, why not join in. All you have to do is place the outgrown book into a clear bag, with a note that says something like this:

Hello, you are the lucky finder of this book.

you can choose to leave it or you can take it home.

once found please share a picture on 'Look for a book Corby'

When you have finished with it re-hide it, you can also hide some of your own books for others to find

Happy reading

Name and Age of child.


Happy finding!