Missing Cat

This is Milly.

Milly is a small female tortoise shell tabby cat who hasn't been seen for 6 days now. Her owners are getting increasingly worried about her welfare.

Milly is a skinny cat, her owner is worried someone has taken her in to feed her thinking she's a stray. Milly is very small in size but is well fed and cared for at home. Her fur is almost a mousey brown with the odd tuft of ginger and some tabby markings.

Milly is wearing a silver collar with glitter on.

Milly is from Priors Hall Park but there still has been no sightings of her. Have you seen her?

Milly is chipped and has her number on her tag, so her owner would really appreciate contact for any sightings or information.

If you think you have seen Milly or may know where she is, please contact either us here at Weldon Village Online, or the owner direct - Laura 07872834934.