#MyTown – £25m for Corby

In September 2019 the Government announced it would be investing £3.6 billion into 100 towns and Corby was one of the towns identified.

Our town is set to receive up to £25 million! It’s time to have your say!

The Towns Fund invites the Council to agree a Town Deal with the government providing up to £25 million to facilitate and improve economic growth, regeneration and deliver long term benefits to our local economy. The prospectus released outlines three key objectives;

  1. Urban regeneration, planning and land use: ensuring towns are thriving places for people to live and work, including by: increasing density in town centres; strengthening local economic assets including local cultural assets; site acquisition, remediation, preparation, regeneration; and making full use of planning tools to bring strategic direction and change.
  2. Skills and enterprise infrastructure: driving private sector investment and ensuring towns have the space to support skills and small business development.
  3. Connectivity: developing local transport schemes that complement regional and national networks, as well as supporting the delivery of improved digital connectivity.

As Lead Council, Corby Borough Council have received over £160,000 set up a Town Deal Board,  and will be producing a Town Investment Plan by no later than Summer 2020. This will include developing business cases for specific proposals to enable a Town Deal to be agreed with Government.

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