No foul play!

Corby Borough Council has joined our plight to cut dog fouling in our local park.

Spray painted signs on the footpath in Weldon Woodland Park saying 'No foul play!' appeared last week in an effort to persuade irresponsible dog owners to pick up after their pooch.

This is in addition to the poo bag dispensers Weldon Village Online distributed in the park and around the village to try and help combat the growing issue.

Weldon Park residents on the new build estate on Oundle Road have taken matters into their own hands with one resident Nick Green spraying red paint around piles of poo left on the public grass area to highlight the issue and prevent anyone standing in it. Another resident, Cameron Pinkerton and his partner even picked up all the mess themselves! This would not have been a pleasant task!

WVO will be delivering poo bag dispensers to Weldon Park residents to put up in the area this week in the hope it will encourage people to pick up the poo!

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