Oreo’s 11 month adventure!

When a Weldon family found their new home in a neighbouring village they put their cat Oreo in a cattery in Thorpe by Water to avoid him suffering the stress of the move. Little did they know that would be the last time they would see their beloved fur baby for 11 months!

The family were devastated to receive the call from the cattery to say he was lost. The frantic family and their friends spent hours driving around the area looking for him. Posters were put up, Facebook messages and posts were sent everywhere. Days became weeks and weeks became months. But no Oreo.

Never giving up hope the family continued to monitor posts on Facebook, kept the posters up in the area he had gone missing and hoped that one day Oreo would come home. But they now had a new home he had never seen!

Then one February morning in 2021, almost a whole year since he had gone missing a lady in Morcott posted a picture of a tubby black and white cat matching Oreo's description. A check of his chip and Oreo was found!

The family dashed to Morcott and were reunited with Oreo within a few hours. Now Oreo is home and safe with his family. His owner Beth told us

I think we’re still in shock! We can’t believe it to be honest! He’s settled back into family life like he’s never been away!

A happy ending, even if it was an 11 month story which we really he could tell us about!

Welcome home Oreo!


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