Presentation Events

With the restriction changes taking place on Monday the presentations have been brought forward.

The Youth Presentation will be on Friday (tomorrow) 11.09 with a 6pm start.

As the presentation will be outside, they will need to start promptly before dark.

The Adult ceremony will be this Sunday (13.09) with a 4pm start.

There will be some slight changes to format. This Friday they will be incorporating the Under 15 awards in with the rest of the Youth awards, culminating with the big prize, The Burdett Trophy presented to the Best Player in Youth Cricket.

On Sunday they will be conducting the Adult presentation event which will cover all the Saturday sides. The final award presented will be the Singlehurst Trophy, given annually to the Best Youth playing in Adult Cricket for the season, it is considered out standout prize.

Please come along and attend safely.

The presentations have been brought forward due to the gatherings being restricted as of Monday.