Road closure in Weldon – 1982

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the traffic and planned roads opening and closing in the village.

The news has been well received by some and other people are very unhappy. We understand that whatever roads open and close it will impact every household in a different way and we believe that the Weldon Parish Council issued their leaflet to try and understand everyone's arguments. The leaflet is available to view HERE

Here is a picture that many of you will not have seen and even more won't remember the actual road itself. Taken in 1982 by a village gentleman this shows the top of Gretton Road, what is now 'Bramblewood Road' being closed to traffic. This forced anyone wishing to drive to Kirby Hall or Gretton to use an alternative route.

The old road is visible on the map at the top of this page.


1982 Gretton Rd closure

Do you remember this?

If you have any old photographs or memories of the village that you would like to share please contact us.