Shocking parking once again!


After we reported 2 weeks ago that a car had been parked on a footpath we have received further pictures of other cars in the village.

You can see in the pictures above that one car has been parked in front of the zebra crossing outside The George Coaching Inn. Not only is it partially obstructing the footpath but where it is parked it is obstructing other road users clear view of the zebra crossing, causing potential harm to pedestrians.

The van is parked on a Gretton Road, on the corner of Larratt Road. This vehicle is obstructing the footpath completely, forcing pedestrians to use the road into on coming traffic.

In the third picture you can clearly see that the car has been parked completely on the pavement, not allowing enough room for a pedestrian to walk past, let alone a pushchair or wheelchair.

Let us have your thoughts and if you spot a car parked on the path send it in to us! It may just deter people from parking irresponsibly!