Spooky going’s on at Weldon cricket club!

Weldon cricket club hosted its annual children's Halloween party on Friday November 1st but it was more like Friday 13th when the electricity failed!

After weeks of shopping, game planning and numerous bottles of wine for the stress, the small insignificant detail of zero power was not going to get in the way of the party going ahead! Rochelle had been making black and orange paper chains for weeks!


With electricity going out at 4.30pm the club was already decorated with thanks to all the ladies Natasha, Liza, Donna, Jenny and Cinny, and not forgetting Luke who volunteered and helped Rochelle during the day. With the party due to start at 6.30pm tensions were running high but against all odds the show well and truly went on! The kids didn’t seem to care! It just added to the spooktacular atmosphere. Everyone pitched in to help out with parents turning up with torches and battery powered speakers for music.

Games on the night included mystery box (which we found out had a monsters hand, dead rat, goblins brain and dragons snot in it), this was won by William. Poke the cup trick or treat, hanging donuts, pass the poo, pumpkin competition (won by Tyler), pin the skeleton, guess the amount of sweets in the jar (won by Alfie) and mummy wrapping! Prizes were given for best girl (Anna) and boy (Luca) costumes.


With power being restored at the very end of the evening meant the night ended on an even bigger high. Perhaps because the beer in the fridges was getting warm eh Dads?

All the children had a great time and the night raised £28 by selling sweets which were donated by Weldon Village website and this will go towards funding more great events. Rochelle told us 'Events like this are a fantastic way to encourage new members to join and help with continuing to support a great family oriented club.'

Thank you Rochelle and everyone that helped for all your hard work with this and good luck... It will be the Christmas event next!

More info to follow soon!