The big clean up begins! And who is paying for it?

Less than 24 hours after the travellers left the village the clean up commenced. Why can't they move them on that quick is the question being asked!

Angry villagers have been contacting us, some even suggesting that they would refuse to pay their council tax until something is done to prevent the travellers returning!

The travellers left their camp outside East Crescent in Weldon on Sunday June 16th at around 8.30pm and the clean up by Corby Borough Council commenced around noon on Monday June 17th.

Pictures taken by an East Crescent resident show the extent of rubbish that has been picked up by the cleaning team. One of the workers estimated it to be over one tonne of general waste, food and clothing.

If you want to help stop this happening again please contact the people below and tell them you want action taking to gate this road and close it to traffic.

Or telephone Cathie on 01536 464006