The Old Road will not be gated!

Despite residents of Weldon complaining and providing the requested evidence of anti social behaviour, it seems Corby Borough Council don't think it is important to close this road.

The evidence provided to the council included pictures of:

  • Traveller camps
  • Drug taking
  • Speeding vehicles
  • Sexual activity
  • Fly tipping

Yet according to a letter received by residents of East Crescent 'not enough evidence' was provided!

The letter goes on to say that 'multiple private land owners require access to this area which would mean any gate/barrier installed would need to allow this access at any given time'.

Now we know it is a new invention but perhaps a lock and key may work?

The cost of installing a gate or barrier is unknown but local tradesmen have offered their services FREE OF CHARGE to help with this install, the Weldon Parish council have offered to contribute financially and still nothing is being done. We wonder how much of our taxes went to the clear up operation after the travellers left the last time, or the time before.

Do you want the road closed? Then email your complaint to Corby council by using one of the links below. To read the letter in full click HERE

Pictured below is some of the 'insufficient evidence'.