The Remembrance Service

The Weldon Remembrance Service on Sunday 10th was given by Rev. Kane Taylor for the one weekend in the year where everyone comes together to pay their respects to the Armed Forces and honour the sacrifices they made while serving their country.

At the start of the service all those local hero's were named in the roll call.

As with last year we had a following of about 150 people which was tremendous. We also had about 15 classic war vehicles which enhanced the occasion.

These were supplied by the Military Vehicle trust (MVT) and included tanks, jeeps, scout cars etc.

The Standard Bearers from the RBL were local men Des Wallington and Roger Lewis and the bugler Linette Valentine.

The wreaths laid were from our Village Hall, Parish Council and the RBL with private ones in memory of the Falklands War and MVT plus others.

Flowers made by local children were also laid at the memorial.


Statement from John Starmer.