The village litter pick

Weldon Parish Council have discussed the matter of a community litter pick at their January meeting, however due to the current restrictions and guidelines a community litter pick can not be carried out until the restrictions are lifted.

That said it does not stop anyone from carrying out a litter pick while out on their daily walk.

The Clerk is currently compiling a list of names of anyone who is prepared to help with a community litter pick as and when restrictions allow, if you would like your name to be added to the list please email the clerk at

Below are some guidelines that have been set out by the Government if as individuals you would like to do some litter picking whilst out on your daily walk..

Litter Picking Guidance during #Lockdown3

Following the government announcement (Tuesday 5th January) of another national lockdown, we are all being asked to stay at home.

Stricter and legally enforceable rules on outdoor activity are now in place. There are prescribed reasons for being outdoors, which do include provision of voluntary and charitable services and for the purposes of exercise (but only once a day).

Please note: this guidance us purely for litter-picking activities in England from our fiends at Keep Britain Tidy.

New Guidance Update: Keep Britain Tidy are asking all their KBT Ambassadors, volunteers and volunteer groups to pause any organised litter picking events until further notice.

Should you choose to pick up litter on your daily exercise, please ensure you do so safely and, in line with government guidance, you should only undertake outdoor activity as an individual, with one other person or with member of your own household/support bubble - while maintaining social distancing at all times, using a litter picker and wearing gloves at all times.

Thank you for your patience and please be assured that as soon as it is legal to hold a community litter pick there will be one.


Here are Weldon Village Online, we have 10 litter pickers available. If you are interested in taking part in litter picking on your daily walk and would like to borrow a litter picker for this please contact us.