Traffic calming submission is made

The application for the buildouts and speed restrictions on Stamford Road in Weldon was submitted on Thursday June 6th.

This follows years of campaigning by local residents to slow and also reduce the number of vehicles using the village as a 'short-cut' rather than take the bypass.

In the meantime, speed detectors have been installed on Stamford Road and Kettering Road which show drivers just how fast they are going. Sadly someone has vandalised one of these already and it has been taken for repair.

To see the full application click HERE

One thought on “Traffic calming submission is made

  • June 12, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    Top speeds recorded in first week of operation showed 54 mph coming in to the village and 63 mph going out on Stamford Road. What a joke! Ive seen so many doing near 60 in the last 3 week, ever since they opened up the right turn in to Weldon off the dual Carriageway ! Time to close that road too !

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