Trashed Car Park

We would like to put a polite note out to the people that feel it is acceptable to leave their rubbish and empty bottles over the Village Hall car park and on the ramp to the annex door where the children line up ready to start their days at Weldon Pre-School.

This has started to happen on a regular basis now, and it needs to stop.

The Pre-School staff have had to spend time cleaning up the mess around the car park before they can even start their day.

The children safety always comes first!

If this was bad enough, now these gas canisters are being used and left all over the village, the most popular places for the dumping of the empty canisters are at the Village Hall car park and the Woodlands Park car park.

These are places families and animals like to enjoy together.

Please if you are going to use these, take the rubbish home with you! Make sure you bin the rubbish and do not cause harm to anyone.

The local police have been contacted, but we would like to get this sorted now and not cause risk to anyone visiting these places.