Unwanted visitors return

The travellers returned to their popular space on the old road adjacent to East Crescent at 10pm on Wednesday May 1st and set up their camp again. Local residents quickly aired their displeasure on Facebook and contacted us to inform others of their arrival.

This is at least the third time this year that the camp has returned with local authorities either helpless or hopeless to do something to prevent them from staying.

One local resident who does not wish to be named told us that she feels like they watch her entering and leaving her home. That she doesn't feel safe and can no longer allow her dog into the garden alone as she fears it will be stolen.

The resident went on to tell us that her and her husband have sleepless nights when the camp is there, not just with worry but because of the noise from generators running also.

It isn't just travellers that like this area. The 'old road' as it is known to locals, is popular with young drivers who like to race up and down, young men with pistols have been seen and even the odd car with steamy windows!

Despite telephoning the council for help people are told to call the police. When the police are called they say they cannot do anything as it is a public highway. And then when they do move on the unsightly mess that is left behind has to be cleared which also takes time and tax payers money!

How do you think this should be prevented?

One thought on “Unwanted visitors return

  • May 2, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    As the council did a few years ago with the favourite haunts, like outside the sewage works. Just block off the road with a pile of earth, then plant it with bushes.

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