Village man narrowly escapes after car mounts pavement

A village man has told us of the moment a speeding car lost control and careered towards him sideways, mounting the pavement and missing him by a few yards.

The incident happened at 10.12pm on Sunday January 12th when the man was walking towards the BP garage on Corby Road. He was on the pavement outside Berry's Garden Services at the top of Water Lane when a silver VW golf with just one headlight decided to overtake two other cars travelling into the village.

The VW, which is thought to have been doing at least 45-50mph overtook the cars and then hit the speed hump on the opposite side of the road where the driver lost control. The car then travelled sideways towards the gates of Berry's and mounted the kerb. The driver managed to regain control of the car and continue down the road narrowly missing parked cars and accelerating further out of sight.

The pedestrian was actually recording a voice message on his phone whilst walking and recorded the incident happening where you can hear a loud screeching noise. We have heard this recording and it is frightening. We cannot publish this due to some choice language used which isn't surprising.

The man told us that he originally thought it was a motorbike overtaking as it only had one headlight. Sadly he was unable to obtain the registration number.

Was it you that he was overtaking? Do you have dash cam footage? Did you hear or see the incident?

We have also been contacted by another pedestrian who had to walk around a white transit van parked across the footpath further down Corby Road just one hour prior to this. He told us that there was no way to get past the transit other than walk on the road in the dark where he was almost hit by a car.

As if our village roads aren't dangerous enough, inconsiderate parking adds to the risks.