Weldon & Priors Hall helpline opens

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the whole community together in Weldon and Priors hall and as we begin to self isolate and businesses are closed local people are getting involved to help those most in need.

With shops selling out faster than they can restock Reverend Kane & his wife Louise Taylor have set up a community store where local people can donate any excess supplies they have.

A helpline is now in operation where those in need can call for help. This is not a medical emergency number! This number is for those in isolation or who cannot get to the shops to obtain supplies.

Can you help? Currently the community store has no powdered milk or flour. Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated. You can deliver to 13 School Lane, Weldon or call Reverend Kane who will arrange for a collection from you.

To volunteer for deliveries to the needy please email wcsas2020@gmail.com

Stay safe everyone. The leaflet below will be with you all in the next few days.