Weldon Woodland Park has been closed due to COVID-19

A notice has been placed at the entrance to our park this morning advising that due to the COVID-19 outbreak it will remain closed until further notice.

This comes just one day after Robert Jenrick, the housing, communities and local government secretary, 'made it clear' to councils that they must keep parks open during the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking at the daily Downing Street press conference on the coronavirus outbreak, Jenrick said that,

While the virus does not discriminate, lockdown measures are much harder for people who do not have gardens or open spaces for children to run around in. People need parks. That’s why I have made it clear to councils that all parks must remain open.

So why has our park been closed?

In the recent weeks many cars have been arriving to use the park and last week we saw the closure of the car park to discourage people from driving from further afield. But sadly this did not work and drivers were leaving their cars on the side of Kettering Road and walking in.


Weldon village online has contacted Corby Borough Council by email due to their offices being closed and we will update when/if we receive a response.