Corby Business Academy


Corby Business Academy is a secondary school only one mile from Weldon on the Priors Hall Park estate and is reached by a school bus service. Many village children continue their education here at the age of 11 and continue until 16 or 18 if they choose to remain for the Sixth form.

The academy is part of the Brooke Weston Trust and offers exceptional facilities. The trust is a well established organisation educating thousands of students in Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

Corby Business Academy is a modern building organised in a very similar way to a large city office. Like the best businesses, the Academy will have high expectations of everyone who works in it. All students are expected to do their best and to exploit their talents to the full. Students will wear a school uniform and in the Sixth Form formal office dress, such as that likely to be worn for a job interview, will be demanded.

For further information on this school visit their website here.