Council U-turn on Park closure!

This morning, Monday April 20th, these signs were placed at the entrance to our village woodland park.

Locals were quick to air their disappointment and disgust whilst pointing out the government insisting that these places should remain open.

Weldon Village online contacted the council for further information and we received this email:

To clarify, in line with the latest government guidelines, Weldon Country Park is open to all local residents wishing to access the park by foot.  The car park however will remain closed and we strongly advise people NOT to drive to any parks and park their car elsewhere. Existing signage will be updated as soon as possible.

So it looks like it is good news for the local people who wish to walk to the park but not for anyone who drives there.

How this will be enforced is yet to be seen but we hope people will take the advice and leave their cars at home.