Design a Poo Bag Dispenser

Last year we distributed poo bag dispensers around the village. Although it took a great deal of time to make them all, fill them and put them up the hardest part was ensuring they were maintained and I will be the first to admit that it was a big job and too much for one person.

With the recent lockdown and people taking every opportunity to get out and about around the village it has been noted that sadly there is more and more dog poo around!

The dispensers did seem to help and were very popular so we've had an idea!

Would you or your children like to make and decorate a dispenser and also maintain it? Now this could be in your own street or a park and would take the pressure off just one person trying to cover the whole village.

We have a good supply of the products required, but if you can supply your own here is what you will need:

  • 1 x 2L empty plastic bottle (coke, lemonade etc)
  • 2 x Cable ties to secure to a post or fence
  • Poo bags or nappy bags
  • Something to decorate it with! Get creative! But remember it will be out in all weather!

When you have made yours let us know where it is and send us a picture on our Facebook page. We will also be giving a prize away for the best looking dispenser!

Remember you will need to ensure it is maintained and full of bags (nappy bags can be purchased for approximately 35p from ASDA (other stores are also available!)

Anyone who needs the products drop us a message on Facebook or email and we will get a kit to you asap.

We are trying to make Weldon a dog poo free village. Every little helps.