Distressing scenes in Weldon Park (Picture could cause upset)

This morning we have been contacted by a local resident who happened upon a gruesome and disturbing scene in Weldon Woodland Park earlier today. The lady has sent us a photograph which is pictured below.

It appears to be the head of a deer which has been severed from the body and placed in a tree in what looks like a ritual of some description. This is a tree near to the skateboard ramp and we would advise parents to keep their children away from the trees so as not to alarm or upset them.

Also, at the same time the lady has also reported children's underwear hanging in another tree further around the park. It is not known if this is linked to the head or not but it is very, very distressing. We hope that this is just a case of laundry that has blown off a washing line but the police have been informed of both.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police on 101.