DVLA Clamp down on tax dodgers!


Is your vehicle taxed? 

If your vehicle is parked on a public road it must be taxed. VED (vehicle excise duty), previously know as 'vehicle tax', 'car tax' or 'road tax' and formerly as a 'tax disc' is an annual tax levied as an excise duty which must be paid for most types of vehicles which are used or parked on public roads in the UK.

We can report that a number of vehicles in Weldon have been clamped by the DVLA in the last 24 hours with a notice of 'untaxed vehicle' clearly displayed on the windscreen.

The fine for failing to tax your vehicle is £80 but if you are clamped by the DVLA and you fail to tax the vehicle within 24 hours a release fee of £100 plus a 'surety deposit' of between £160 and £700 will be charged.

If you need information on how to tax your vehicle visit www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax you can also check if a vehicle is taxed using this site.