‘Explosive’ waste plant – Will you sign the petition?

Consent to build a plant in Shelton Road using a gasification process was controversially granted by Northamptonshire County Council in 2016.

There has been no further development since this time and the site owners, Corby Limited, say they plan to submit a new application using a combustion technology that uses more oxygen. If approved the facility could treat up to 260,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste per year.

Local campaigners say the facility would produce syngas, a synthesis gas which is flammable, and would cause a danger to the local area. The production of syngas is an explosive technology. Syngas contains a significant amount of hydrogen, a fuel that is easily ignited. Industry experience with accidental releases of syngas has been that it promptly ignites.

How do you feel about this on your doorstep? To oppose the plant you can sign the petition HERE