FREE firework display!

This Friday (November 8th) cricket club member Steven Milson (aka Milhouse) will be setting off fireworks adjacent to the club.

The display will commence shortly after 7pm. This is not a funded event and is being paid for by Steven himself. This is not the first time he has generously done this so please pop along and show him how much he is appreciated!

You are welcome to bring your own food and sparklers (see how to hold them safely below) the bar will be open so please support this. There is no charge for the display but there will be a tin for donations which will be given to the club.

When WVW asked him why he was doing it, Steven simply responded 'I love fireworks!'

Thank you Steven, a fabulous club member.

Stick Your Sparkler In A Carrot!

The metal part of the sparkler can become very hot in a very short space of time.  This can cause burns on hands or fingers.  So why not use a carrot...

  • A carrot does not conduct heat
  • A carrot is also a lot easier for small hands to hold rather than a thin piece of metal
  • A carrot also means that the sparkler can be held further away from the body

Fire Services around the UK also recommend to keep a bucket of sand or water close by; wear gloves and supervise children closely.

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