Help us build a picture archive

Do you or your family have pictures of Weldon and the local area?

We have been lucky enough to have received a number of pictures taken around the village over the past 40 years but we would love more. Do you have some old albums in the loft?

We don't want our local history to be lost forever and we are currently working on creating a gallery for everyone to see.

If you have any photographs either as prints or slides, perhaps they are on 8mm film, we want to hear from you. Perhaps they are of May Day's gone by, the Queen's Jubilee or other events held in the village over the years. Perhaps they are more recent pictures? We need these too!

As a thank you we will transfer your old pictures on to a SD card or USB drive free of charge meaning you can view them digitally any time you like.

We will also be offering a service to transfer any of your family photographs to a digital format. Just contact us for more information.