Lincoln FREE BUS proves popular!

The FREE BUS on Saturday 2nd November to Lincoln has been well received with 83 seats already reserved on the double decker with only 2 seats remaining.
The Ale Trail has 30 pubs listed and a City map will be given to you with all locations shown. Lincoln is also great for shopping and has a great mix of venues to eat.
  • Gretton, Corby Road - 11.00am
  • Corby, Saxon Crown - 11.20am
  • Weldon, Londis Store - 11.30am

The bus will depart Lincoln at 7.15pm

For further information on this or any other tour please contact David Fursdon on 07790 197220

Wondertours are organised voluntary and not for profit. Stamped addressed envelopes are now being accepted for the 2020 programme to be published in January. Please send a SAE to

Wondertours 2020, c/o 9 Southfield Road, Gretton, Northants, NN17 3BX

Please join us as we Carry On Coaching.