Local children play ‘Choc’ and run!

This week we were contacted by a lady who had found an Easter egg on her doorstep accompanied by a picture that had been coloured in and was signed 'Happy Easter from Caitlin and Thomas'. Convinced it wasn't for her she asked us to put out a message so she could get it to the rightful recipient. What happened next was heartwarming and reduced Ed to tears.

This lady wasn't the only person to find a chocolate egg and a picture on her doorstep. In fact we were flooded with people contacting us with pictures of eggs that they too had found at their door! But where had they come from and why?

Weldon village online contacted the parents of Caitlin and Thomas and we asked them what was going on.

Dad told us that it was all the kids idea. They wanted to do something to brighten up people’s days. Their mum had picked up some eggs during a necessary food shop last week and the kids then spent the week colouring pictures to leave alongside the eggs (which will hopefully last a little longer than the eggs themselves). Then during their family walk with the dog round the village the children picked some houses that had rainbows in the windows to leave the egg and the picture.

When people answered the doors and shouted thank you it really made the kids smile.

Dad continued..

'Seeing some of the posts on Facebook and people’s reactions I think made them realise how doing something so little can be something very big especially in such troubled times.

Caitlin is 10 and Thomas is 6 and they have beautiful hearts and had already asked if they can do more! As far as me and Micaila (Mum) are concerned we know how kind hearted our kids are and we are very lucky to be able to share that with the village at this time and has given us a lot to be proud of'

As Ed wiped away the tears she told Dad, 'Thank you for being such a wonderful family. We are so lucky to have you in the village!'. And his response..

'No we are lucky to have moved somewhere where we feel happy enough and safe enough to let our children be children and express themselves without fear of any negative comeback.'

And more tears were shed!

Happy Easter Caitlin and Thomas. You really are wonderful and have brought so much happiness to so many homes in our village. From all of us, THANK YOU!

Easter pics

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  • April 12, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    What an amazingly kind gesture, well done Caitlin and Thomas, you are a credit to your parents, stay safe and enjoy your Easter

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