Petition for a traffic review in Weldon

Local residents have had enough now, and would like the highways authority - Northamptonshire County Council - to look into the traffic problems throughout the village, and come up with a solution.

A petition for this has been signed by more than 250 Weldon residents, who would like a review of the traffic to be taken place, to result in fewer problems.

With many houses going up in and around Weldon the traffic problems are only going to get worse over time without additional plans put in place.

With Weldon Park and Priors Hall expanding, along with the new Tresham Village still in the planning stages a few miles from Weldon, and the groundwork on the new Secondary School on Bears Lane taking place, the traffic is only going to increase even more.

With the upcoming closure to Kettering Road, the petitioners would like the Parish Council to investigate all the options as they fear this will cause more problems elsewhere.