Pot hole takes out 3 drivers in as many minutes!

This morning we spoke with an off duty Firefighter who was victim of the pothole on the A43 which has been growing in size over the past few weeks. This hole was originally filled a few months ago but it has now appeared once more.

The pothole is on the A43 heading to Weldon from Stamford. It measures 30cm x 70cm and is 70mm deep. Amy told us that she hit the pot hole but this part of the A43 isn't a good place to stop as there are no road lights and it is a 60mph speed limit. As she knew there was a roundabout coming up with a new closed road on it she decided to slowly make her way there for a safer place to stop.

Upon pulling over Amy saw another young man in a fiesta who had just hit the same potholed and ruined his tyre and wheel. With no spare in his car he was left to wait in the cold. Before she had even assessed the damage to her car yet another man in a Volkswagen was forced to stop on the side of the roundabout because of the same pothole.

All three cars had their near side front tyres torn open and damage to the rims due to the depth of the pothole. Amy went on to say

'As a Firefighter I know how dangerous these roads are at the best of times, never mind when you have three cars stopping in the dark with people on the road side due to something out of their control. It won’t be long until someone gets seriously hurt because of a simple pothole fix.'

We understand that many people have now reported this to The Street Doctor and we hope that this is dealt with as quickly as possible by the authorities before any further damage is done.

If you are driving on the A43 please drive with extreme care until this has been fixed.