Vile mess left by travellers

On the morning of Thursday December 19th we were inundated by delighted and mostly relieved residents telling us that the remaining travellers had left their camp adjacent to East Crescent.

The scene that met with our eyes when we stopped to take a look at how the area had been left was absolutely disgusting. Words failed us.

There were clothes thrown in trees, carpets, gas bottles, food waste, toys, and goodness knows what else was lurking in bags.

How much is this costing us each time the council come out to clean up? We can confirm that after visiting the area this morning that the majority of rubbish has already been cleared!

So no one wants to take responsibility for the road, no one wants to gate the road. How about simply painting double yellow lines both sides? This then means that anyone parking on them is breaking the law... just a thought.

Did you know that in November the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, made recommendations that unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller camps be made a criminal offence? The Guardian reported this and you can read the full story HERE