Villagers join together to form support group

A Facebook page has been set up by villagers this weekend in the hope that it can help local people who may have to self isolate due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

'Weldon care, share and support' now has a small team, including Rev. Kane and Louise Taylor, working to produce and deliver information leaflets to every house in Weldon village and Priors Hall. Volunteers have been sending in their contact details so they can be added to a list of those willing to help others.

If you want to volunteer you should email your name, address and telephone number to the dedicated email address 

All volunteers will be reviewed to ensure the safety of the vulnerable and those in need.

If you need help there will be a leaflet coming to you which will have a list of contact numbers you can call or you can email the address above.

Rev. Kane and Louise have also made a community store in their garden which includes shelving and a fridge freezer. Any donations for the community store can either be picked up or taken to 13 School Lane, Weldon, NN17 3JN.

We will provide further information in the next few days.

This really is what our village and local community is about, taking care of one another. To visit the Facebook page click the logo below.